On Drake’s More Life

drakeHow do I describe Drake’s new “playlist” More Life? It’s like the feeling you get when you meet a seemingly mysterious yoga instructor who has an ambiguously soft European accent and you think he’s #deep ‘cos he has a beard and isn’t white and you fantasize about what he could be like in bed but then you take a step back and you realise he has ugly tattoos and refers to “periods” as “moon cycles”. That’s how I feel about More Life. Some more pointers here too:

  • Drake samples himself 
  • Did you read that correctly?? He samples HIMSELF like wow what a Kanye move…but it’s by Drake
  • Drake samples J-Lo too, and yes, how dare he
  • He reps for UK with Giggs (he pronounces ‘ting’) & Skepta, for Atlanta with Quavo and Young Thug (sure), for the most beautiful Sampha — wow guys look at Drake supporting all these up & coming artists, totally not riding on them or anything
  • The release includes a recording from his Mum…like Frank Ocean??
  • His “mixtape” shouldn’t fall under his belt but be renamed to “Drake and Friends” ‘cos honestly the best parts of it are the “and friends” bit

This might read like I hate it, but no, I love it. I’ve had More Life on repeat everyday since its release. It features “peak Drake” – it has Drake at his whiniest, at his most sensitive, at his most obnoxious etc. It’s Drake on his now signature wave-rider™ style, a Pitchfork-certified “cultural tourist” and it’s absolutely hypnotic.