5 Albums That Defined My Teenage Years

Ah, to be a teenager. Watching bad teen shows 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale made me realise that teenagers are portrayed as highly dramatic and angsty and full of raging hormones. While this may be partially true, my teenage years was filled with an inherent wave of cynicism. I was truly bitter about the world, and turned to music for my answers. Perhaps this anecdote will help you understand why –

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On old photos

What is the appeal in #ThrowbackThursdays? Why is so enthralling to comb through old photos and see how far we’ve come and look at past memories with a particular fondness? Why is nostlagia so hypnotic and inviting? I found myself in a good 20 min deep dive into old photos after encountering these mac booth selfies:

I remember in uni, I loved taking mac booth selfies. Maybe this was ‘cos I didn’t have an iPhone back then, I had a crappy Sony smartphone that – shocker – did not have a front-facing camera. I hardly ever shared selfies of myself, maybe on a “secret” tumblr and on the short-lived dailybooth. But I took mac selfies as a way of private, fun me-time. I like that one of my fave poses was with my mac on my bed and me, sitting on the floor, taking a photo. You can see my messy room in the background. I don’t think I can pull off bangs anymore. I feel more comfortable with glasses now. Fuck, I’ve had these glasses for three years now. I need new ones.

k dot

Sometimes, I get a bit sad as I feel out of place in the world and I encounter something that throws me off or something doesn’t sit right with me. But then, also sometimes, I realise I’m a part of something far greater, and feel grateful that I’m alive and can listen to new music that will eventually be legendary status. Also, I might actually get a chance to witness them live one day, or just, I know I’ll be able to be part of something by being part of a live experience.

On Drake’s More Life

drakeHow do I describe Drake’s new “playlist” More Life? It’s like the feeling you get when you meet a seemingly mysterious yoga instructor who has an ambiguously soft European accent and you think he’s #deep ‘cos he has a beard and isn’t white and you fantasize about what he could be like in bed but then you take a step back and you realise he has ugly tattoos and refers to “periods” as “moon cycles”. That’s how I feel about More Life. Some more pointers here too:

  • Drake samples himself 
  • Did you read that correctly?? He samples HIMSELF like wow what a Kanye move…but it’s by Drake
  • Drake samples J-Lo too, and yes, how dare he
  • He reps for UK with Giggs (he pronounces ‘ting’) & Skepta, for Atlanta with Quavo and Young Thug (sure), for the most beautiful Sampha — wow guys look at Drake supporting all these up & coming artists, totally not riding on them or anything
  • The release includes a recording from his Mum…like Frank Ocean??
  • His “mixtape” shouldn’t fall under his belt but be renamed to “Drake and Friends” ‘cos honestly the best parts of it are the “and friends” bit

This might read like I hate it, but no, I love it. I’ve had More Life on repeat everyday since its release. It features “peak Drake” – it has Drake at his whiniest, at his most sensitive, at his most obnoxious etc. It’s Drake on his now signature wave-rider™ style, a Pitchfork-certified “cultural tourist” and it’s absolutely hypnotic.