On Joanna Lumley’s Japan

*Full disclosure: I work for BBC Worldwide.


Guys, Joanna Lumley’s Japan is everything. (And wow I watch shows that are NOT on Netflix??? 😉 ) I know, it looks like a stuffy British program about ~the Orient~ and they have an old white lady to present it – yikes, right? But it’s everything but! Joanna Lumley is so charming, and she seems so genuine all the time. She is so in awe of Japan and it’s contagious; you can’t help feeling the same way. She travels from snowy Hokkaido to sunny Okinawa, and oh boy, Japan is so beautiful and magical. With this and Terrace House, I’m fully determined to visit Japan, it’ll be my very first time. EDIT:  I did it — I booked my tickets to Japan!! I’m doing this!! 私は日本に行くよ! [I’m going to Japan!]


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