Writers Victoria interview

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 7.46.56 pm ER MAH GAD I got interviewed at Writers Victoria and am now an “emerging theatre, film and arts reviewer“. Here’s an excerpt on why I enjoy reviewing so damn much:

Writing reviews in general is a big part of my writing. I think it’s because I love all forms of arts and culture—theatre, books, film, television etc.—and I love writing as well. To put those two things together is a dream for me[…]The writing process can be painful at times, especially when I’m rushing towards a deadline, but at the end of the day, it is something that I really love to do.

FULL INTERVIEW HERE Huge thanks to John for suggesting to interview me on the second time we met (it’s crazy that it didn’t involve bribery of any sort). I’m oddly pleased and embarrassed for doing this. This is the first thing I’ve ever reviewed: Photo on 18-09-12 at 1.46 AM That was nearly 2 years ago. (God so uncool: the bad glasses, the frizzy hair, the cliche poster.) It seems like it became something I couldn’t really stop doing, and I’d very much like to think I’m on my way towards ~my dream career~.


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