Melbourne International Film Festival Picks

MIFF STARTS TONIGHT! On to my picks!


I’m going to disregard films that will be on general release in Australia later on this year (e.g. Boyhood, What We Do in the Shadows, I Origins, Locke, Love is Strange, The Skeleton Twins etc. — all excellent stuff I’m keen to catch too!), and focus solely on those that are strictly shown at MIFF only:


From the writers of Peep Show and The Thick of It (my favourite comedy series OF ALL TIME) — that’s it, really. I don’t need any more persuasion.

The Flick

Not a movie, but a Pulitzer-winning play about about projectionists. If I’m correct, it’s in Shebeen, which makes for a very intimate venue (unless there’s some hidden huge area somewhere). I’ve seen movies deliberately staged like theatre sets and movies about theatre, so it’d be cool to see a play that revolves around the cinematic form.

Web Junkie

This documentary on China’s rehab for web-addicted teens looks so creepy and surreal. How could I miss this?

Obvious Child

Jenny Slate is a real cool comedian who isn’t afraid to get dirty and I have high hopes for her feature debut. I’ve also had a recent conversation with a friend over what would I do if I got knocked up at this moment in my life (i.e. a 22-year-old university student) so this film has become oddly relevant to me.

The One I Love

I’ve recently devoured Top of the Lake and Elisabeth Moss is quite terrific. This film also seems to have an intriguing premise.

Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter

I’m having withdrawals from the Fargo TV series, so I kinda understand the protagonist’s yearn to live a life directed by the Coen Brothers.

The 50 Year Argument

This seems like the most literary film at MIFF, which is great. This and Listen Up Philip, but I’m trying to steer clear of troubled white male writers for a while (which is a lot harder than I’ve expected).

Pulp: a Film about Life, Death & Supermarkets

I recently reviewed this Pulp doco and I was so very moved by it. There’s this one scene (which I didn’t include in my review because it’s a bit of a SPOILER: so turn away now!) where a bunch of old folks sing ‘Help the Aged’ in a grimy cafe. I teared the whole time they sang it — it’s touching and sad and heartfelt and true all at the same time. Pulp was also one of my defining bands of my teenage era (I’m a Britpop over grunge kinda girl) and my crush on Jarvis Cocker will probably last forever.


I’m volunteering for MIFF and will be catching other stuff not listed in my picks above. I’ve also reviewed Life of Riley (which was OK) and I’m terribly terribly upset I’m missing God Save the Girl, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby & a bunch of other movies because of other commitments :(. I am currently working on my first draft of my thesis (and by “currently working”, I mean, my source material is to my left and I’ve read it a few times, um), but will hopefully maybe perhaps do mini-reviews of MIFF stuff I’ve caught on here. Or I’ll be tweeting about them, at least.


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