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So there’s only slightly more than a week left to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I think the past year in Melbourne, I’ve started to really be into comedy e.g. dragging friends with me to attend comedy nights and watching panel shows (and sometimes, regrettably, Aussie TV) just for my favourite comedians. Whenever I start talking to friends about the comedy fest, they would go, “Whoa, I didn’t know you were so into comedy.” Me either! Sometimes, when I start singing a David O’ Doherty song on Shakira to myself, that’s when I know I’m in for the long haul.

Here’s kinda of a mid-festival wrap up to what I’ve seen, and what I hope to see:

So far, I’ve caught:

Simon Taylor
Really, really impressive show. In the second half, he begins this long narrative of trying to get with a girl, which was just super engrossing and brilliantly well done.

Joe Lycett
He re-used some of his bits on the recent 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, but I honestly don’t care. He does plenty of audience interaction, and in quite an endearing way. I was the only person in the room who went “woo!” when he asked if there were any dog owners. “Is that a small owl?” he later commented. I told him about my dog, Finn, who’s an Egyptian Hound. He said that Finn was a nice name and the breed sounds very exotic. I’m just very excited that I got to talk to Joe Lycett.

Edinburgh Festa Besta
I was with a weird crowd, Matt King wasn’t there, the guest comedians weren’t that great – yeah, you know what I mean.

Late Night Gimp Fight
If you’re into crude/obscene humour and male nudity, you’re in luck. I was honestly not expecting to see a fully nude man onstage…and on a Tuesday night, no less! (Weekend nights, after a few drinks – sure.)

Tim Key
He began the show with an anecdote about his attempt in sleeping with audience members. I was honestly thinking “Hey, I attend comedy shows…why haven’t I slept with a comedian yet? Or more specifically, Tim Key?” I did write a review about him (which could just be summarised with “Tim Key is great. Go catch him.”).

I’m catching/am hoping to catch:

Talking Comedians Writing Books
Not really standup, but more of a discussion of funny books. I’m currently reading some Charlie Brooker as some “relevant” material.

Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall
I’ve caught him once or twice before at some comedy club and he’s pretty likeable. I also consider it a success that I can type his name without any typos on 1st try. I look forward to seeing his full set.

David O’ Doherty
I hope my favourite Chris O’ Dowd lookalike will A some frequent Q’s.

Luke McGregor
I just booked tics for him on the last day, which is really the best way to end of a fest! I’ve caught Luke McGregor at Melbourne Fringe and Crab Lab last year – both times, he was terrific (he made a joke about the best Facebook profile pic to pick up chicks – it’s one that my brother and I joke about still to today). I managed to squeeze in a few seconds of small talk with him after Fringe once, and he’s surprisingly normal, and quite composed IRL.

Other shows that I’m hoping I might have some spare change so I could catch: Fanfiction Comedy, Kevin Bridges, Reginald D Hunter, Michael Hing, James McAster, Tom McLean, Upfront. In between, I’ve caught some more comedians at Crab Lab (it’s very value-for-money) and at Erotic Fan Fiction (10/10 would recommend). I also recommend this excellent list for more comedy.

Tickets cost $$$ and I’m quite terrible at planning my budget. I’ve been really lucky to have won tickets to some and receive a media pass for one. But regardless, it’s nice to support comedians who I truly admire, and heck, it might just be the best $20-30 you’ve ever spent.


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