This is now a writing blog

I suppose this can be sorta a general service announcement – in the next few weeks, I’m gonna be revamping Screen Appeals. I’ve gotten lazy/forgetful etc. in maintaining this blog, and it has pretty much become a quote blog (ugh) and I really want to change that.

Screen Appeals will no longer be solely my writings about movies and TV, but my writing in general. This means, expect some comedy reviews, theatre things, and perhaps, more personal updates as well (like with uni or my internships). It sounds like I’m diluting it a bit, but hopefully, by doing so, I’ll actually update.

I’m quite pleased with some of the stuff I’ve written on here, so I do want to keep this blog instead of starting afresh. So, think of this as a new stage of Screen Appeals. I’ll still write about movies and TV, but also more things. 


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