Personal updates

Quick update: Hi all, my exams begin next week (plus I’m doing NaNoWriMo as well) so it’s the perfect time for a distraction and busy myself with Screen Appeals! Stay tuned for reviews and articles. They’re all good, I promise.

Not-so-quick update: Also, apologies for my absence from July-October. I had reasons:

1. I’m currently interning at Screen Hub and helping out with their marketing / social media department (so be sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter @ScreenHub). Screen Hub is the premier website for Australian television and film industry news, jobs and events. I strongly suggest you guys to check them out, they’re very good.

Their news and jobs sections are really thorough and superb. If not, you should definitely ‘Like’ their Facebook and follow them on Twitter @ScreenHub. (I’m in charge of them both and I get brownie points for more followers etc. Hurray!) I also help run their very cool giveaways and (hopefully) very soon, their editorial section as well.

Besides my Screen Hub duties, I dabble with their parent website, Arts Hub too.  I wrote a review on Portlandia Season 1 and I plan to do more (which I would definitely link here once it’s up!)

2. I volunteered for Parklife and Melbourne Fringe in the past few months. Both were super amazing experiences and I had such a fantastic time – I’ll definitely take part again next year! If you’re a major arts/music/pop culture whatnot geek like me, you should absolutely consider volunteering for festivals. You meet tons of cool people and you get to see shows/live acts for FREE! Bonus! Yowza. I’m also gonna volunteer for the upcoming Japanese Film Festival, so I’ll probably put up a review of the film I’m catching too.

3. Meanwhile, in other sorta pop culture-related personal events, I just completed my sequence in Film Studies. So I’m officially a film minor! Hurrah!


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