Rewatching…Star Wars (Episodes IV-VI)

My boyfriend of 5 months has never watched a single Star Wars movie. Last week, I rectified this situation – I embarked on a Star Wars marathon (the good episodes only, of course) with him.

I like re-watching things that I really adore, you always end up discovering something new. The last time I watched Star Wars was probably when I was 14, and my dad just purchased the DVD box set. My generation certainly didn’t grow up with Star Wars, but its influence definitely resonates till today. I still find it appalling when I meet someone my age who hasn’t watched any Star Wars episode…but they can still recite, ‘Luke, I’m your father’ (Though technically speaking, it should be: No, I am your father.’).

Here’s some stuff I realised upon re-watching Star Wars:

1. This looks shopped!

I was talking to my friend about this yesterday, and she mentioned that she recently re-watched Star Wars as well and commented, ‘I had no idea it looked so fake?!’ I do find her point quite valid, even my boyfriend pointed this out. In today’s Michael Bay Hollywood era, computer graphics onscreen have certainly come a long way. I think the 21st century audience may find the poor quality graphics quite distracting (my boyfriend certainly did), but I find it quite endearing. Much like Doctor Who, the bad graphics kinda adds character. Furthermore, they did this in the 1970s-80s so that’s mighty impressive.

2. Luke/Leia 4eva~

When it was revealed that Leia was Luke’s sister, my boyfriend went, ‘Yuck! But they kissed!’ And I couldn’t help agreeing, ‘I know right!’ From young, I always found this really disturbing. I mean did George Lucas meant for them to be siblings when he allowed them to kiss in episode 5? Did the actors know about this too? Why did no one stop them? It just seems a bit off, and why doesn’t Han say anything after he found out about this? Correct me if I’m wrong – but apparently, George Lucas didn’t intend for them to be siblings, until the very last episode?! Typical Lucas! Bottom line: Luke and Leia’s kiss was way weird but it totally paved the way for Game of Thrones and like, Weasley fanfiction mmkay?

3. Chewie, the original Wookie

I just needed an excuse to include this gem:


2 thoughts on “Rewatching…Star Wars (Episodes IV-VI)”

    1. I honestly have no idea! I really enjoyed reading your take on Princess Leia. I think up till today, there’s still so much difficulty and debate in portraying the ideal female icon in Sci-Fi (take the female Doctor Who companions, for instance).

      Thanks so much for your comment too!

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