My Netflix Singapore Top Picks for Mar’ 17 (1/3): The People v.s. OJ Simpson

705835-the-people-v-oj-simpson-american-crime-story_828x1104Netflix arrived in Singapore about a year ago (I’m guessing), and boy, their marketing has been aggressive. Having worked in digital advertising for a bit less than two years, I’m really impressed by their Facebook campaigns. But what’s been more impressive is their catalogue, which isn’t as extensive as the US (of course), though it boasts a really varied range. But in particular, their localised content for its region — like its niche foodie shows (think Tokyo Stories, Chef’s Table), and regionally produced programmes (my fave Terrace House *heart eyes emoji*) — is really intriguing. I’ll get into this another time, but while the catalogue is huge, it can also be overwhelming, and I end up just mindlessly scrolling for a good ten minutes before closing the tab and YouTubing my favourite David Mitchell moments. I tried Googling for “Best of Netflix Singapore” but it’s mainly been a lazy rehash of popular titles, and I’ve already seen them (Stranger Things, House of Cards etc.)

So, I’m going to try to compile a list on programmes on Netflix that might be overlooked, are recently released in SG, or I just find them really, really good and I want to write about it. The People v.s. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story, belongs to the last two cateogires. In typical Netflix style, I binge watched the 10 episodes in two days. And boy, what a story. This is one of many instances where reality is stranger than fiction, especially looking at America in 2017, it’s sad/disgusting to see how the issues of race and sexism have prevailed till today and even worse, have become even more twisted. And also in a typical 2017 style, I’ll make a list on 3 things on People v.s. OJ that really stood out for me:

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TV Bloc Club

laura-palmer I’m running TV BLOC CLUB over at Writers Bloc. Starting tomorrow, Aug 5, 7.30pm AEST, we’ll be watching Twin Peaks and I’ll be live-tweeting #blocclub. So, join in! (Sidenote: I uploaded my first-year film & TV essay aaaaages ago here and embarrassingly so, but I’ve had friend comments on how my essays helped them with their uni work or overall enjoyment so here you go.)

Writers Victoria interview

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 7.46.56 pm ER MAH GAD I got interviewed at Writers Victoria and am now an “emerging theatre, film and arts reviewer“. Here’s an excerpt on why I enjoy reviewing so damn much:

Writing reviews in general is a big part of my writing. I think it’s because I love all forms of arts and culture—theatre, books, film, television etc.—and I love writing as well. To put those two things together is a dream for me[…]The writing process can be painful at times, especially when I’m rushing towards a deadline, but at the end of the day, it is something that I really love to do.

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