5 Albums That Defined My Teenage Years

Ah, to be a teenager. Watching bad teen shows 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale made me realise that teenagers are portrayed as highly dramatic and angsty and full of raging hormones. While this may be partially true, my teenage years was filled with an inherent wave of cynicism. I was truly bitter about the world, and turned to music for my answers. Perhaps this anecdote will help you understand why –

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the write way

kenneth.pngI was meant to write every day here…but oh look, it’s a one-week gap? I’ll try to continue regardless. The top posts on this blog are still my film entries from 2012 – I mean, I truly had time on my hands to write a pretty decent essay that wasn’t for uni. Gosh, I do miss those days. I think I want to continue honing my writing skills, I miss writing reviews/film criticism. It takes time, admittedly and I think it’s a genre of writing that’s often overlooked. I still tend to google reviews of shows before/after I’ve watched them. It’s a sense of satisfaction I get when I agree with a review, or even disagree – that comes with a reinforcement of my own opinion of whatever I’ve just watched/read/listened to. I’ll continue!! I haven’t grown much in the past five years, honestly, perhaps horizontally, and also a slight shift in my music taste. Some pop culture things of I’ve been into as of late:

  • I binged part 2 of Terrace House: Aloha State – I’m obsessed. Can I take home a Taneshi, please? I’m determined to have a Terrace House itinerary of all the places to eat/visit from BIGITC when I’m in Tokyo in July ^^
  • Really digging Gorillaz, really glad that I get to see them live @ Fuji Rock, I feel generally lucky/an absolute privilege when I think about the lineup for Fuji Rock tbh
  • Cool podcast to recommend: Missing Richard Simmons – I just rely on my long-time faves for podcasts (i.e. The Bugle and This American Life), so it’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised when you take a gamble…on a podcast (wow could I sound more bourgeois?)

I had a good lunch

Am I one of those goons who snap photos of their food? Cos at times, you betcha. I’m not the most consistent with my food instagram  but I enjoy a good one. I mean look at this savoury duck soba I had for lunch: Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I think it looks pretty delicious 👌 tbh the allure in the food snap is like a selfie, don’t mean to compare you to food but the intention is the same – you/your food looks good to you, it’s a vote of self affirmation. 

Well I understand the mild annoyance in waiting for your pal to finish snapping before you dive in…why not just join them? There is a certain sense of satisfaction in getting a pic right, food is good and so are your photo skills.