Why Screen Appeals? Well — TV taught me how to feel, now real life has no appeal.

This blog mainly consists of film, television, and occasionally, some happenings from Melbourne’s own arts scene. Some of its most popular posts include stuff on British comedy panel shows, Wes Anderson and Doctor Who.

Patricia is a Singaporean Melbourne-based pop culture enthusiast. She contributes theatre & film reviews to ArtsHub and The Essential. She is the Social Media Manager at Writers Bloc, a communications intern at Writers Victoria and a Provacateur over at Malthouse Theatre.

She was the Film & TV sub-editor for Lot’s Wife and has an extensive internship experience, ranging from The Lifted Brow to Singapore’s Public Service Division under the Prime Minister’s Office. She is currently working on her combined Honours in Communications & Literary Studies. Follow her on Twitter: @havesomepatty.

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    • No problem, thanks for the follow back :)

      Probably the 11th doctor, because bow ties are cool. I’m having a bit of a Classic Who binge right now though and I’m really enjoying Tom Baker’s episodes as well.

      Nice meeting you too!

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